Date: April 20th, 2010
From: Bountiful Baby
Subject: "Making Reborn Baby Dolls"
E-mail address:

Bountiful Baby is proud to announce the acquisition of all copyrights associated with the DVD, Making Reborn Baby Dolls, with Denise Pratt, from Johnston Original Artdolls/ProSculpt LLC (with cross-licensing reproduction rights also being granted back to Johnston Original Artdolls for this DVD).

At the time of this DVD's initial release, this is what Johnston Original Artdolls said:

We are proud to announce the release of our newest educational film, "Making Reborn Baby Dolls". We have seen many trends enter the industry, one of the newest and perhaps the most popular in recent years is Reborning. To keep up with the trends and to bring our audience the finest in educational doll making videos, we have asked Denise Pratt to sit as our artist in this most recent release. Denise is one of the premier one-of-a-kind Master sculptors and reborn artists in the nation. This 90 minute digital film clearly shows how to make a complete reborn baby doll. We've filmed Denise in the complete process of painting, micro-rooting mohair, assembling the body and costuming this spectacular realistic baby. More information and scores of babies may be seen at and

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Bountiful Baby is the largest supplier of reborn doll supplies worldwide, with almost 1600 products specifically for the reborn doll artist, and a large warehouse & manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Johnston Original Artdolls – Jack Johnston
"In only fifteen years, Jack Johnston, professional marketer turned dollmaker, rose from an unknown to one of the industries' brightest stars, astonishing doll artists and collectors worldwide with his nearly instantaneous success. His talent and artistic ability transcend every aspect of dollmaking. Jack also possesses the unique ability to pass on to others completely and successfully that which he has mastered." -Scott Advertising and Publishing