Genesis Instructions
Color #1: Vein Blue
(click any picture to see a bigger picture)

Color #1 (Vein Blue): Thin this color to a water color consistency with odorless thinner or Mineral Spirits.

Using your mop brush put a small amount of paint on the brush.Lightly paint the inside of the head around the eye and nose area only (to add a little depth).

Next using your #1 liner brush paint veins on the outside of the head, wrists and ankles, by lightly loading the brush with paint and then painting onto a cosmetic round to remove a little of the excess paint. This color has a tendency to stain the vinyl, so be careful not to overload your brush.

With a loose and free hand paint veins one at a time as illustrated below, or a similar pattern of your own design.

These above pictures show the veining painted more heavily than recommended.  It is for illustration purposes only, so that you can see the veining (otherwise the photography wasn't showing the veining as well).


Use a cosmetic wedge, as needed, to lightly pounce on the veins to soften the look. You can see subtle veining in this picture around the temple area.



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