Kaya, by Eva Helland!

Made from our Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) Vinyl,
About 20" Long, Includes vinyl head, 3/4 vinyl legs, and 3/4 vinyl arms.
Comes ready to reborn-- no need to remove factory paint or factory blushing!

Click here for our "Reborn Paint By Number" instructions using Genesis paints!

Actual Production Prototype
Reborn by Kimberly Angel (Angel*Babies Nursery)!

Actual Production Prototype
Reborn by Helen Jalland (Tinkerbell Nursery)!

What you get...the unreborn vinyl:

Also, notice our (optional) innovative neck ring-- a Bountiful Baby exclusive!
The neck ring helps the head turn easily when attached to a cloth body!

Very Realistic 3/4 Limbs!