~ Bountiful Baby Newsletter ~
Issue #1: August 24, 2013

Hi Everyone!

This newsletter message is from Nevin Pratt, CEO of Bountiful Baby (I am married to sculptor/artist and Bountiful Baby co-owner Denise Pratt).

Some of our customers have been curious who the models are for our new "Dress Up Sets" on our website. And yep, you've guessed it-- they are our children and grandchildren! Do you recognize our real-life daughter Eliza in these pictures? She is the bigger girl, and is standing next to her baby sister, Olivia:



Yep, she is the same Eliza that we created a couple of kits of, growing up big! Both girls are modeling our new 4 pc blue fairy princess dress up set with tiara, wand and wings. Eliza is modeling a size 4T (our item #2287-- also perfect for life-size little girl dolls), and Olivia is modeling a size 2T (our item #2288-- also perfect for life-size toddler dolls).

Below is our granddaughter Aubrey, modeling our 3pc lime/pink fairy tutu dress up set with headband and wings (our item #2289-- also perfect for life-size little girl dolls):


And below is our granddaughter Crystal, modeling a smaller version (our item #2290):


Below is Crystal's little sister, Kimber, modeling our item #2307:


These are among our new Dress Up Sets recently added to our website. Below is a link to all of the items discussed above:


The girls had a lot of fun modeling these new Dress Up Sets, and we thought we'd tell you who the models are.

Thanks so much, and we hope everyone has a great time!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby
2140 South 3600 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
Customer Service: 435-257-6217